A Crooning Accordion Collaboration! – “Pace” by Handsome Dan


I love collaborating!  This video is of Nashville songwriter Handsome Dan singing his song “Pace” and me accompanying him on accordion.  Apparently (as Dan tells me) he’s wanted me to play accordion on this song since waaay back in 2007 when we first met!

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Navigator/Aviator – I Finished the Song!


A couple of months ago I posted a song in progress and now I’d like to share the finished piece!  One of my most favorite feelings in the whole wide world is to call a song done, and “Navigator/Aviator” has been an idea laying dormant in my head for 8 years now – so the “done” feeling is REALLY a great one in this case!

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A Health Tip You Would Have Never Considered – But You Should


I’ve always been told to never, ever skip a meal – especially breakfast!  I’ve even believed that if I go more than 5 hours without eating, my body will go into starvation mode and conserve fat (check: false).  So what if I told you that NOT eating could actually be very healthy for you?

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The Most Happenin’ Night I’ve Had Since…When? (Part 3/3)

Last week I was talking about this kickass jam session I was a part of and the importance of being OK with making mistakes in these types of situations. (well, hell, when is that not relevant?)  Here’s an example of the beautiful music we made, mistakes and all.

This is Zach from Fable Cry singing one of his songs as we were all listening and learning:


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